Casual game downloads: Amazon just got better

I remember when Amazon was just a popular online store where you could buy books, CDs and that was about it. Nowadays you can buy almost anything off them, from regular stuff like software, digital books and movies, to more peculiar items such as organic food, sports gear, accessories for your pet or even shoes.

Amazon Game Downloads Store

Now Amazon has opened up a new business line with their Game Downloads Store. Still at beta stage, this store is the result of Amazon’s purchase of Reflexive, an independent computer game developer which also maintains a website dedicated to downloadable casual games.

The complete Reflexive catalog of casual games is now available on Amazon, where you can download free trials or buy the full version for $9.99 or less. The list includes more than 600 titles, distributed into several different categories – action, adventure, puzzle, simulation and strategy, among others – so chances are you’ll find something you like. Be aware though that you’ll need to have an Amazon user account, and use Amazon’s Games & Software Downloader to download the demo or complete game to your computer.

Amazon Game Downloads Store

One more thing: as a way to celebrate the launch of this new service, Amazon is giving away three free full-version games: Jewel Quest II, Build-a-lot and The Scruffs. These downloads also have the aforementioned requirements (user account plus Amazon Downloader) and apparently, are only allowed within the US – as you can tell from the fact that the download form only accepts US states. So if you’re on US soil, hurry up and download them for free. The offer expires February 10th!

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