Championship Gaming Series kicks off

championship-gaming-series.jpgA new league for professional gamers, the Championship Gaming Series (CGS), launched this week to a lavish ceremony in the Playboy Mansion. One of the highlights of the event was the selection of Vanessa Arteaga, a Dead or Alive player, as the number one pick for the draft.The games chosen for this event are: Dead or Alive 4, Fifa 07, Counter-Strike: Source, and Project Gotham Racing 3.

Hoping to emulate the success of professional sports leagues like the NBA or the NFL, the CGS will have team franchises with actual paid “athletes”. The season will start every year with the draft and include special events and a championship. Not limited to North America, CGS will also establish franchises in cities in Latin America, the UK, Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa/ Middle East. The league has already signed deals with BSkyB, Star and DirecTV to be broadcast live on HD.

The CGS could prove to be a massive hit if it manages to mix in excitement with the suspense that characterizes big sporting events. I’m still pretty curious though as to how it will manage to keep people interested all year long, with players battling it out only on four different games. Also, how will CGS handle classic sporting issues like home field advantage, injuries and player swap deals?

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