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FL Studio is a versatile app that allows you to edit and create music with loops. Formerly called Fruity Loops Studio, FL Studio has matured its app and released mobile versions for iOS and plans an Android release in the future. Now you can make music on the go.

So do you really need a mobile version of FL Studio? If you’re a fan of the desktop application and are traveling frequently, it may be much easier to bring a phone or iPad with you to continue audio editing on the go. You can either generate an entirely new song in FL Studio or you can import existing songs to remix and make your own. FL Studio Mobile will allow you to import your projects from your phone or iPad into the desktop app, making it a great companion app.

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While it is possible to create great sounding tracks on FL Studio Mobile, you will want to finish your projects with the desktop version of FL Studio as it has more features and plugins. FL Studio Mobile features a bunch of plugins and effects for purchase. The iPad app is a reasonable $14.99 and has a bunch of plugins that you can download in-app, turning your tablet into a full fledged music studio. There are a bunch of iPad music interfaces that you can purchase to use real instruments to record with. Be sure to check out our Best apps to make music on an iPad.

Of course there’s Apple’s own GarageBand for the more casual musician but if you want to get serious about recording, sequencing, mixing and mastering, you’ll want something more powerful and FL Studio Mobile HD for the iPad does the trick. Check out the video below for an in depth tutorial of some of FL Studio’s most popular features.

Lewis Leong

Lewis Leong

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