Check out the Monaco Grand Prix on Google Earth

Check out the Monaco Grand Prix on Google Earth

Monaco Grand Prix layout

Formula One fans are gearing up for one of the biggest races in the F1 calendar, as practice for the Monaco Grand Prix gets underway today. Seeing as I’m not some flashy playboy millionaire (yet) I wanted to find a way of getting close to the course without actually getting up out of my chair. I found the perfect solution in the form of White Rhino’s Formula One Circuits KML file, via Google Earth Hacks.

Plug this baby into Google Earth and you’ll be able to drive the Monte Carlo course yourself. Open the file and click on the Monaco Grand Prix link in the Places window and you’ll be whisked off to the French Riveria where you can explore the track in detail. Zoom in and you’ll be able to follow the course in 3D view, checking out photos and videos posted by users along the route by tapping the icons.

By clicking on one of the info icons you can view an overlay of the grand prix circuit in Google Earth, showing the Start/Finish line, the straights, the tunnels and all the corners.

Although the KML file is based on the courses of the 2005 season, it’s worth checking out the other tracks listed in Places, too. Each one includes information about the circuit, race distances, lap records, and more.

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