Check out these amazing wallpapers created with Minecraft

Check out these amazing wallpapers created with Minecraft

Redditor Darstlix posted a portfolio of amazing images created in Minecraft, with a few extra tools. Not only do they make impressive wallpapers for your PC, but you can also download the worlds and explore them in Minecraft too.

Minecraft has long been more than just a ‘dig and survive’ game, with gamers teaming up to create huge buildings, constructions, and even worlds, seemingly just for fun. From giant U.S.S Enterprises to Mario 64, there seem to almost no limit to what people can do with Mojang’s creative sandbox of a game.

Each of Darstlix’s wallpapers are available at 1080p from this Imgur page. Following the download links will also give you access to the worlds he created to make these beautiful images.

Source: Reddit

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