Check out this helicopter mod for Cities: Skyline

Paradox Interactive’s Cities: Skyline has clearly taken city building fans by storm. While the latest SimCity failed to keep fans happy, with broad range of problems, this city sim from small Finnish developer Colossal Order appears to do just what EA’s game didn’t.

One of those things is explicit support for game mods by the community. This open attitude means fans can create and share additions and alterations to Cities: Skyline. Those mods are already coming thick and fast, and one user shared his upcoming mod ‘CityCopter’ on Reddit. This in-development mod will let you fly a helicopter around the city you have created. Check out the video below.

So far the mod includes a helicopter hangar and helicopter, with a visible cockpit and rotors. It already has collision detection, so the helicopter won’t fly through buildings, but creator Nisquity hasn’t announced what the full feature set will be. Reddit commenters have already asked for mission based gameplay to be included, but as it’s currently being developed by a one man team, this could take some time.

Cities: Skyline wasn’t designed to be viewed from such angles, so don’t expect the game to look like Grand Theft Auto just because you’re piloting a helicopter, but as you can see from the video it’s looking pretty cool so far.

There is no planned release date yet, but as the mod is obviously up and running we hope it’ll be available to everyone soon.

Cities: Skyline is available for Windows and OS X (and Linux!).

Source: Reddit

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