Chromium-based Opera 15 out for PC and Mac now

Chromium-based Opera 15 out for PC and Mac now

Back in May of this year, Opera released its experimental Opera Next browser, which signaled a monumental change. For the first time, Opera would be using the WebKit rendering engine instead of its Presto engine. Today, Opera Next has finally come out of beta and has dropped the “Next.” The browser will simply be known as Opera 15.

Opera 15 is actually based off of Chromium so it’s actually using Google’s “Blink” engine, which is a streamlined version of WebKit. The browser hasn’t changed much from what we saw with the Opera Next beta. Users can look forward to a Chrome-line interface as well as the new “Discover” feature, which lets you read the news in a magazine style layout.

Opera has always been known for saving bandwidth and the “Off-Road mode” makes a return. If you have a slow connection or have a limited bandwidth cap, Off-Road is a great tool for helping you keep data use under control.

Since Opera 15 is now Chromium based, you can expect performance on par with Google Chrome, which is a very good thing. Still, Opera’s features may not be enough to sway the Chrome and Google loyalists.

[Source: Opera | Download: PC, Mac]

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