CintaNotes: Help for cluttered desktops

Spending much of my day at a computer, my daily routine leaves my desktop in a mess: A ton of browser tabs open, various documents and more. It’s like a chaotic to do list – it’s easier to leave a tab open than find it again later, I say to myself. It’s probably not great for my terminal’s performance.

I’ve been using a great little application called CintaNotes recently (here’s what I said in my review), and have found it to be a solution to my desktop clutter. There are other note taking apps out there, but I have always found they are just “yet another thing” to do, instead of making my life easier. My desktop maybe chaotic, but it works. CintaNotes however, feels natural and sits in the system tray ready to spring into action whenever you need it: highlight text, hot key, you’re done. Easy.

What’s cool about it is your note is recorded with meta info – so it keeps a record of the web address where you took the text from, for example.  That means I can stick anything interesting in CintaNotes, find it again without problems (did I mention the search is great?), and work with a more manageable number of browser tabs and windows! Once my morning delving is done, I just put it all in CintaNotes. Now my desktop has a zen-like calm about it.

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