Citymapper public transport app coming to San Francisco next

Citymapper public transport app coming to San Francisco next

Popular public transportation app Citymapper (Android | iOS) has chosen to bring its service to San Francisco next. Users voted to bring the service to SF citing the city’s “complicated public transport system.” As a SF native, I agree with that statement.

While Google Maps (Android | iOS) provides basic public transportation information, Citymapper provides detailed routes with additional information not available from Google. For example, Citymapper tells you how many calories you will burn by walking or cycling. It also provides cost estimates for cab rides. Citymapper also integrates local data, alerting you to construction and other obstacles along your route.

Citymapper NYC route calculations

The app is currently available for London, NYC, Paris, Berlin, Washington DC, Boston, Madrid and Barcelona. If you want to bring Citymapper to your city, head over to the official site and cast your vote.

There’s no word when Citymapper will be available in San Francisco but hopefully it comes soon.

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