Classic 90s games for your Android and iPhone

So you’ve got a good selection of new games on your consoles, PCs and mobile devices. But you don’t always feel like playing them. In fact, sometimes all you want to do is to step back in time with some of the greatest games from the past.

Luckily for you, some of your favorite childhood classics have been recreated for Android and iOS and are now available in the Google Play and App Stores. Today, we’ve got a list of some of the best classic 90s games currently available for download on your mobile device.

Come along for the ride as we review the 90s games that work best on Android phones and tablets, iPads and iPhones.

Reliving the golden age of graphic adventure

The adventure game is a genre that saw its glory days in the 1990s, with awesome titles from LucasArts and Sierra. But they weren’t the only ones that did this type of game well, as the following titles demonstrate.

Broken Sword

A classic adventure game from 1996, Broken Sword lands on your tablets and phones with a remastered version: better graphics, superb voice talent and controls that are really well adapted to touch screens.

Download Broken Sword: Director’s Cut for Android

Download Broken Sword: Director’s Cut for iPhone

The Last Express

This adventure, with shades of an Agatha Christie novel, is less famous than George Stobbart’s legendary Broken Sword, but that doesn’t meant it’s not just as good. It’s got awesome gameplay, story and technique and even after 15 years, its graphics continue to delight us.

Download The Last Express for Android

Download The Last Express for iPhone

Fast-paced driving

These days we’ve got super-realistic driving simulators, but back in the 90s, the crazier the game, the better. The following games are great examples of this.


In this racing game (which isn’t for the delicate gamers among you), coming first is as important as getting points. But how do you get points? Well, by doing stuff that’s, let’s be honest, pretty gruesome. Even so, Carmageddon is still one of our favorite guilty pleasures.

Download Carmageddon for Android

Download Carmageddon for iPhone

Crazy Taxi

There may be less violence in Crazy Taxi, but it’s just as mad. The Android version is a faithful adaptation of the speeding taxi game for Dreamcast.

Download Crazy Taxi for Android

Download Crazy Taxi for iPhone

The classic platformers

We’ve already seen that the platform genre is well suited for mobile devices. And yes, we like the new ones, but we still enjoy the classics!

Sonic The Hedgehog

The 90s king of the platforms (with permission from Mario) has got to be Sonic, and returning to the first adventure of the series on Android and iPhone is an absolute joy. Thanks to its latest incarnation, there’s a new mode that now lets you play with your friends.

Download Sonic The Hedgehog for Android

Download Sonic The Hedgehog for iOS

Prince of Persia

Another classic that debuted in the early 90’s is Prince of Persia. Ubisoft has revisited the title on Android with a new design and more modes but it’s still the same spellbinding gaming experience.

Download Prince of Persia for Android

Oldskool RPGs

Final Fantasy IV

For many, FFIV is the high point of the Square series, and that’s why the company didn’t hesitate to launch it on mobile as soon as they had the opportunity. Join the heroes in an epic story full of excitement, adventure and fantasy in glorious 3D graphics.

Download Final Fantasy for Android

Download Final Fantasy for iPhone

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is another classic RPG franchise that you can now play from the comfort of your smartphone. The original came out in 1995, but the years have been kind, so it’s as enjoyable now as it ever was.

Download Chrono Trigger for Android

Download Chrono Trigger for iPhone

But wait – there’s more!

Games from the 90s are so successful on Android and iPhone that they’re not going to stop producing them any time soon. The next blockbuster to hit our phones will be the well-known Dungeon Keeper, but we’d bet that there’ll be many more before the year is out.

Which 90s games would you like to see on your phone?

Original article written by Maria Baeta published on Softonic ES.

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