Clearer ideas with ConceptDraw MindMap

Clearer ideas with ConceptDraw MindMap

conceptdraw.jpgMany work tasks involve brainstorming sessions and sharing ideas with each other in order to achieve the final goal. However, having too many people involved in a project may lead to confusion and failure. It’s essential to stay organized and follow a clear road, knowing exactly at which stage of the process you are, what other people’s tasks are and what lies ahead of you all.

This is exactly what you can do with ConceptDraw MindMap: capture ideas and create handy, colourful diagrams with them that help you organize your team, your projects and your work.

After a very easy installation, we face the toughest part: getting to use the program. In fact, ConceptDraw has a quite steep learning curve and takes time and effort to be managed properly. But you shouldn’t take this as a downside, as you can count on the program’s thorough help system and a series of really helpful video tutorials available on ConceptDraw’s website, which we strongly recommend you to watch.

As you can imagine, the best way to learn how to use the program is precisely using it: that is, exploring menus, clicking on all buttons, playing with all the options featured in the program. Its interface displays all the necessary tools to start creating idea diagrams right away. Though this ends up being useful and time-saving, it may scare first time users who confront such a large range of menus and tools.

mindmap1.jpg Most of the program’s actions are performed with your mouse by dragging and moving it around, which makes it feel very natural and intuitive. You’ll soon discover a huge number of possibilities to create your mind maps: predefined shapes, connecting arrows, personal notes, links to Internet sites, etc. Also, the high degree of customizability lets you adapt diagrams to your needs. But if you prefer, you can work in brainstorming mode, which allows you to create an pre-formatted list of topics. Thus you need worry only about content and leave out the layout stuff to the program.

Summing up, whenever you need to organize ideas before starting a project, consider giving ConceptDraw MindMap a try. It will definitely save you lots of time – and many headaches too.

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