Complete pocket fortune-telling kit

The future's in the palm of your handI’ve never really gone in for all this hocus pocus about star charts, spirit guides, negative energy and the like. However, many years ago a wizened old lady with a hat and a glass eye said I would one day write an article about fortune telling software for mobile devices, so I’m keeping an open mind. Whether you believe that the secrets of the past, present and future are locked in the stars, the spirits, or in George Bush’s sock drawer, there are plenty of phone-based applications that purport to have the answer. Download these programs and you’ll be seeing the future in no time:

  • Astrology & Horoscopes Pro – Detailed and well-designed astrology program for Palm
  • Oracle – Why make your own decisions when you can get a pool ball to do it for you?
  • Hand Reading Pro – Read palms by reading your Palm
  • Zen Tarot – Discover the mysteries of the Osho Zen Tarot
  • Best Tarot Pro – Learn about fortune telling on your Pocket PC
  • Astrology – Quickly find out the compatibility of two people on your phone
  • Feng Shui – Get yourself ‘centred’ with this mobile guide
  • Palm Biorhythms – Get to know your biorhythms with this handy application
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