Computer security against Harry Potter hackers

Security against hackersOnly a month before Harry Potter’s seventh and last book is published, a hacker nicknamed as Gabriel has posted some alleged key plot elements on an Internet forum, thus ruining all the mystery and excitement created around the end of the popular saga. Gabriel claims he took this information from a copy of the book that he obtained by breaking into the computer system at Bloomsbury, Harry Potter’s publishers.

While HP fans are now discussing whether this is a serious threat or just another hoax, we’d like to emphasize on the importance of computer security. Even if you’re not J.K. Rowling and you don’t have Harry Potter’s last book stored on your PC, your personal documents are important enough to be conveniently protected. Just follow these easy tips and you’ll feel much safer.

  • Block access to your PC – This is probably the first step. You can do it by either using Windows native user accounts or any computer access control app.
  • Use a firewall – There is a wide variety to choose from and many of them are free. A good firewall will warn you of any unauthorized access to your computer.
  • Protect files and folders – You can keep them away them from prying eyes in several ways: by hiding them, locking them, setting a password, etc.
  • Encrypt documents – This another option to protect your data. There are many encrypting apps you can use to make them unreadable to strangers.
  • Make backup copies – Most backup tools can be scheduled to work on their own, so you don’t have to worry about all those copying, saving and synchronizing tasks.
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