illanceConnecting your mobile to your webcam

webcamIf you want to monitor your PC when you’re on the move or if you want to keep an eye on your house whilst you are away, one way is to connect your mobile to your webcam. Some webcam software allow you to view your webcam’s point of view directly to your mobile or can send regular snapshots and images to your device depending on your needs and bandwidth.

If it’s just a few photos of yourself or your home you want to send to someone, then Photo sMs enables you to send photos taken by your webcam directly to a mobile phone. Ever forgotten to send a birthday or greetings card? You can always make one yourself by taking a picture with your webcam and sending the finished card to the person’s mobile phone with Webcam Greetings Studio. Or, an even nicer treat is to make them a video message with your webcam and send it to their mobile device with Video SMS.

Of course, probably the most useful thing you’d want to connect your mobile with your webcam for is security. In which case, the only solution is LiveStream Broadcaster which gives you full control over your webcam from your mobile. This is great if you need to pan around your house or a room whilst you are away to check for intruders. The downside however is that it is subject to frequent crashes in full stream mode, in which case it’s better just to use it in snapshot mode.

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