Content-aware resizing technology gathers apace

Content-aware resizing technology gathers apace

VSO Image Resizer logoContent aware resizing technology is one of the new and exciting emerging aspects of imaging technology. It offers designers and image professionals a much more ‘intelligent’ way to resize and manipulate images. As it matures, it’s likely that programs such as VSO Image Resizer will become increasingly dated until they incorporate it. Indeed, many Photoshop fans will be hoping that it gets integrated into the next release.

One example of how this kind of resizing tool could look is provided by developer Patrick Swieskowski who has recently launched a demo that allows you to resize your images in Flash. Initial impression are positive although it works somewhat sluggishly at the moment. John Nack at Adobe first raised my attention to the possibilities this technology offers with his story about two Israeli developers who have been among the pioneers of it’s development. As Nack describes:

When scaling an image horizontally or vertically (e.g. making a panorama narrower), the technology looks for paths of pixels that can be removed while causing the least visual disruption. Just as interesting, if not more so, I think, is the way the technology can add pixels when increasing image dimension.

For more information about how the technology works and what to expect in the future, check out the video (after the fold).

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