Control the volume with your mouse

Control the volume with your mouse

Logitech VX Nano front scroll wheelOne of the greatest inventions of humanity has got to be the wheel. The scroll wheel, some PC users might suggest. Well, although this technical addition is probably not as world rocking as the creation of the wheel, it has changed the way we work with our mouse. With it you can move through documents or web pages at the speed of light, zoom in or quickly switch weapons in your favorite video game. Honestly, for me not a day goes by when I don’t find myself using it to speed through files. Apart from scrolling through documents, what else can you do with your scroll wheel then?

For those of you who still don’t have a recent multimedia keyboard fitted with all sorts of buttons for volume, brightness or quick forward/back, you should find some utility in a little program called Volumouse (that is, if your mouse is fitted with a scroll wheel).

This nifty little app lets you associate macros/actions with scroll wheel movements, usually combining them with a specific key. After initial startup you’ll be able to configure it, setting up what component each mouse movement acts upon. For example, associate scroll wheel movement with the Alt button to control your menu. Scroll up and it gets louder, scroll down and it gets quieter. Simple, no? Or mute/unmute every time you click the scroll wheel and Ctrl at the same time. There’s all sorts of combinations you can do and many components in your PC you can work with. Like controlling brightness of your screen or the transparency level of a selected window. It all really depends on you.

[Via: ONSoftware Spain]

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