Control uTorrent from your mobile

uTorrent logoMy favourite client for downloading torrents has always been uTorrent. It’s light, fast, simple and does a fantastic job at downloading and seeding. Now it just got even better with the release of uTorrent mUI.

All you have to is point your mobile browser to and enter your uTorrent mUI username and password. To configure it, you’ll need to know the port number uTorrent uses for incoming connections.

However, be warned. There have been reports that uTorrent mUI is being used to gather information about uTorrent users. One of the developers of the the program has joined protests against its use on the basis of invasion of privacy. However, it seems that if you’re using uTorrent version 1.6 or lower, your personal data cannot be collected via uTorrent mUI.

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