Convert audio to MP3 for free on Macs with Switch

Convert audio to MP3 for free on Macs with Switch

One of the most common needs of Mac users is to convert audio to MP3 format. Although you can do this easily in iTunes, not everyone (like myself) likes to use Apple’s music app. One of the simplest and most effective solutions for free conversions to MP3 from almost any audio format I’ve found is Switch for Mac.

What I like about Switch is the ease of use and slick interface. There are no ads and no bloatware to complicate or confuse things.

Just open the main interface and click the Add Files button:

Switch will automatically detect your “Sounds” folder on your Mac and prompt you to select some audio for conversion. Note that you can select as many as you want for batch conversion:

Then simply select all of the files you want to convert and click the Convert button:

Conversion are extremely quick and Switch always makes it clear exactly where your converted files are saved on your Mac (in my case /Users/Nick/Music.)

There is one drawback however – Switch only allows unlimited free use for 14 days but if all you need to do is an urgent conversion of audio to MP3 format within that time, its a very easy, straightforward solution. However, if you need to output in formats other than MP3 or change the bitrate, you’ll have to upgrade to the full version.

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