Copy text to clipboard just by selecting it

Copy text to Clipboard automaticallyCopying and pasting are probably the two most frequently used key combinations during anyone’s time in front of a computer. Just think about it: how many times do you press the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V shortcuts in order to move text between applications, send a link to a friend or save yourself a few keystrokes?

Useful as it is, this copy-and-paste ability can still be improved with software apps. One of them is Auto Copy, a Firefox add-on that enables you to copy and paste elements in your favorite web browser. It works not only with the text published on the webpage body itself, but also with text boxes such as search fields, web forms, blog comments and forums.

But if you want to take advantage of a more advanced copying and pasting utility outside Firefox, you can also use Xpad. This tool turns the Windows clipboard into a basic text editor with support for multiple text snippets, which you can automatically paste into any application just by selecting them with your mouse.

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