Could this mean the end for WhatsApp?

Could this mean the end for WhatsApp?

Pay attention, because although the very thought of losing WhatsApp may be devastating for all of you, it is possible that you may not have much need for it after all.

Just as the Facebook-owned app managed to put an end to good old SMS,  it appears that this time Google may have something that could put an end to WhatsApp.

This potential new threat is an RCS (Rich Communication Service), and apparently isn’t much different to WhatsApp. Group chats, VoIP calls, emoticons, image sharing, it all looks very familar, so just what is it that could win us over?

Well, RCS works as a coalition between Google and mobile operators. This basically means that Google wants to be able to offer operators something similiar to WhatsApp as a standard feature.

The big question is: Will it be free?

Google has not yet mentioned if there will be a price. If it is free and each new device comes with its own WhatsApp-style messenger as a default, then we may very well be seeing the beginning of something special. If Google introduce a cost for the service however, WhatsApp may just rule for a while longer.

Although it’s the “big question”, we can’t help but feel that Google would have to be mad to introduce a paid messenger service.

Could this mean we’re facing a revolution in the world of mobile messaging?

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