Create 3D galleries of your photos with Sysygy Gallery Creator

Checking out photos with a slide show is getting a bit dull now, so why not liven up your pictures by putting them in a 3D environment?

Sysygy Gallery Creator is a neat piece of freeware that lets you do just that. Download and unzip the “no setup” version of the program, then run GalleryCreator.exe. Unfortunately, the three galleries on offer have fixed numbers of picture places, and for a good effect you’ll want to fill them. The two smaller galleries fit 29 pictures, and the larger one 51 – so find that many pictures! In the gallery creator, just click the add photos and don’t change the importing options. You can import photos in groups, which is much quicker than one by one. Save the file in the Galleries folder in the Sysygy folder, and close the application.

Next, run SysGame.exe. Before diving into opening the gallery, I would recommend looking at options, and checking out the audio settings. If you click Playlist Editor, you can add your own MP3s from your hard drive (I wasn’t keen on the supplied music). Alternatively, you can turn the music off altogether, for that real gallery feel. Choosing one visitor from the mail menu will open your gallery. Choose your saved picture set, select a gallery, and in advanced options you can alter the gravity, speed and number (if any) of CPU visitors in your gallery. Click start, and use the cursor keys to move, and the mouse to look around.

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