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Elena Santos

Elena Santos

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I like drawing. I liked it when I was at nursery school and spent hours with my crayons, and I also like it now that I can draw with digital tablets and awesome tools – like PsykoPaint.

Despite the somewhat scary name, PsykoPaint is actually an awesome online drawing tool with which you can easily transform a picture into a work of art. You don’t even need to be a skillful painter – with a nice background picture and the appropriate choice of brushes, you can create a really eye-catching piece of art.

PsykoPaint is very easy to use. You can select one of the sample pictures provided by the tool, upload one from your hard drive or simply paint on blank canvas. The bottom toolbar gives you access to the brush and color menus, as well as a selection of tools and the layer window – yes, PsykoPaint does support layers!

The brushes in PsykoPaint are highly customizable. You can change their type, size, thickness, number of strokes and more, including shadow effect and support for alpha transparency. Depending on the configuration, you obtain quite different results on the screen. Pressing the spacebar at any time displays the original image for reference, and the zoom tool on the bottom right corner makes detailed painting a lot easier.

Once your creation is finished, all your need to do is save it to your hard drive in PNG format. Or, if you feel proud enough, share it in the PsykoPaint online gallery, together with the dozens of works of art that can be already found there.

Elena Santos

Elena Santos

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