Create amazing online galleries for your Flickr photos

Create amazing online galleries for your Flickr photos

PicsViewr, galleries for Flickr photosFlickr is probably the best online photo management tool: it’s easy to set up, it’s also useful as a backup copy of your photos, it works great to share pictures (with a handful variety of privacy levels) and is compatible with online photo editors like Picnik and FlauntR.

However, Flickr still lacks a good tool to generate photo galleries. Besides the plain, boring old-school slideshow used by Flickr to display images in full screen, there’s no other way in which you can view Flickr’s sets – let alone do it in a more original way than just the standard slideshow.

Here’s where PicsViewr comes on stage. This online service creates attractive photo slideshows with your Flickr photos right on the spot, without having to create a user account or register for anything. All you need to do is enter your Flickr username and pick your favorite gallery design. A customized URL will be automatically create for each gallery, and you can share it with friends and family right away.

There are currently ten different designs to choose from, with more to come. Once viewing the gallery, you can easily switch from one design to another, and browse different sets in the Flickr account via a handy drop-down menu. Just test it with the Softonic Flickr and see how nice it looks with PicsViewr!

PicsViewr, galleries for Flickr photos

One last tip: some of the available gallery designs have the option to display pictures in high resolution, which takes longer to load but also produces much better quality images. To switch to the HD version, simply replace the “sd” in the gallery’s URL with “hd”.

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