Create an album for all those digital photos

Softonic MixbookIf you don’t know what to do with all those digital photos of you and your friends pulling funny faces on holiday why not create a beautiful online photo album. There’s a lot of software out there already to help you edit, save and manipulate your pics but Mixbook is a website with a bit of a difference. It follows the, and there’s no way round the phrase I’m afraid, ‘social networking’ formula.

The site allows all those invited to build online albums from a shared collection of photographs. So if like my brother’s friend Steve, you had a stag-do last weekend and walked around Barcelona in a swimsuit and a floppy hat, you can commemorate the humiliation with a special online album. Or order a professionally printed copy through the publishing page. With photo-sharing features on sites such as Facebook already, Mixbook might seem an unnecessary extra website to visit but all albums are available as widgets on blogs, MySpace and Facebook and that’ll probably keep everyone smiling.

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