Create and host your personal website for free

Create and host your personal website for free

Create your web with FreewebsThere was a time when being on the Internet was a privilege reserved for HTML coding gurus. Then, there was the Geocities movement: a free web hosting service born more than 10 years ago that enabled users to easily create and host customized web pages. It was a total revolution: anyone could have their own website! Today, personal web pages have evolved into highly developed social sites like the ones you can create with Freewebs.

Freewebs is a free web designing and hosting service that allows you to build and maintain your personal website in a very easy way. All you have to do is sign up with a username and an email address, and you’ll start creating your web page right away. There are dozens of surprisingly beautiful templates, plus a handful of options to customize every single aspect of your site.Create your web with Freewebs

Besides having a basic web page, you can upload files and add a blog, a photo album, a guestbook and even forums. The system also supports widgets (developed by themselves) to display polls, counters, ratings and comments. Everything is done via an intuitive online manager, with embedded rich text editors and an extensive use of AJAX technology.

So if you don’t have your personal web page yet, now you have no excuse. Freewebs is easy, works well, features nice templates and above all, it’s free.

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