Create and share Valentine’s photos with PicsArt

Create and share Valentine’s photos with PicsArt

Valentine’s Day tends to be a hit-or-miss holiday for most people. You either go all out or bemoan it as an example of consumerism at its worst. There are ways to acknowledge the holiday without breaking the bank though – PicsArt – Photo Studio is a great way to show people you care in a completely personalized way, and it’s entirely free!

The PicsArt app for Android will let you create and edit photos for any occasion, but Valentine’s Day is as good a day as any to give it a try.

Here are three steps to impress friends and family for Valentine’s Day and make the most out of PicsArt – Photo Studio.

Take the perfect photo

Choose a photo you’ve already taken on your phone or snap one within the PicsArt – Photo Studio app itself. Alternatively, you can also choose pictures from your friends’ or your own PicsArt, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa or Dropbox accounts, as well as straight from the Google image bank. Then it’s time to get down to business by choosing a great effect.

Adding effects might be the trickiest part of creating a customized photo with PicsArt, but not because it’s difficult to do. There are just so many effects to choose from that it might take you awhile to pick one!

Once you’ve picked your photo, PicsArt gives you eight different effects options, all of which have multiple sub-options. With the Artistic effect, for example, you can choose effects that make your image look like it’s been printed on old parchment or even sketched with pencil. You can also use the Distort effect to pixelize or swirl your picture into an abstract masterpiece.

Once you’ve chosen your effect, click the checkmark in the top right corner.

Add clip art and text

You’ll want to add a theme and message to your photo. One easy way to make your theme clear is to use clip art, add a sticker or draw your own Valentine’s sketches. You can scroll through all PicsArt options at the bottom of your screen.

The “Love” clip art folder is where you’ll find a lot of Valentine’s themed art. Tap on the clip art of your choice and it’ll appear on your image in a resizable and moveable box. Arrange it to your liking and add more clip art until you’re satisfied with how your photo looks.

When you’re finished adding clip art, click the green checkmark on the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

You can add text in a similar manner from the bottom scrollbar of options. There are a lot of different font and color options on PicsArt. Just choose a cool looking font, type out your message, and pick your font colors.

Clicking the checkmark on the upper right corner of the text options screen will take you back to your photo. Changing the font face or colors is as simple as double tapping the text and choosing the “edit” option until you’ve found the perfect combination for your photo.

This is just an example of the many ways you can customize your photo with PicsArt. Ultimately, it’s up to you to pick the effects and filters that will make your photo truly special.

Share with special someone

To share your photo, click the “Export” button, third from the left on the top of your screen. It’s an image of a circle with two arrows pointing away from it. From here, you can share your photo across a variety of different services, from social networks like Facebook and Twitter to photo sharing sites like Flickr and Picasa.

Bonus: Browse other PicsArt user galleries for ideas

You can also browse other user-uploaded images if you don’t feel creative enough to make your own. From the app’s home screen, just click the “Gallery” option and you’ll be taken to all uploaded PicsArt images. PicsArt seems to theme its app for popular holidays, so “valentine” is one of the first search terms you’ll see at the top of the app today.

Click any images you want to see up close and you’ll be able to share it via Twitter, SMS or email.

Then just sit back and enjoy the compliments when your loved ones appreciate the sentiment!

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