Say Goodbye to Copyright Worries: Adobe Launches Innovative Platform for Brand-Friendly AI Images

Its AI, Firefly, is trained on Adobe Stock images.

Say Goodbye to Copyright Worries: Adobe Launches Innovative Platform for Brand-Friendly AI Images
Pedro Domínguez

Pedro Domínguez

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Artificial intelligence image generators are extremely popular nowadays. From DALL-E 2 to Midjourney, and the new Perfusion by Nvidia, there are all kinds of AI capable of creating what you describe (well, or something close to it). However, not everything is as rosy as it may seem.


One of the major controversies surrounding AI image generators is the use of copyrighted material. In order for these advanced AIs to generate images of virtually anything you request, they need to be “trained” on thousands and thousands of real images and photographs (created by humans, of course), many of which are copyrighted. This has greatly angered artists who daily denounce the theft of their works for training AIs.

In response to this situation, Adobe aims to set a precedent in the industry and has announced a new enterprise platform for Firefly, an AI image generator that “feeds” on images from Adobe Stock, which either have open licenses or are not subject to copyright restrictions within the public domain.

Adobe Firefly ACCESS

Whether through Creative Cloud, Adobe Express, or the standalone Firefly app, business users will be able to access the platform to create images in seconds based on the descriptions they provide to the AI, and then use them in their marketing campaigns, social media posts, presentations, etc., without any legal risks.

According to The Verge, the exact pricing for Firefly for businesses is currently unknown, but Adobe may establish a fixed price for brands based on their needs and the size of the organization. With no exact release date, it is currently known that this platform will be made available to the public when Firefly exits its beta phase.

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