Create your own cartoons with Softonic

Create your own cartoons with Softonic

Yes, folks, it’s summer again. Which can only mean one thing: another instalment of the Shrek series is in theatres now! Animated films have come a long way in the last few years and the huge improvements are mainly due to software. In fact, if you’ve ever considered making your own cartoons, there’s never been a better time to start. We’ve collected together the very best animation software for you, so what are you waiting for?

Another regular feature of summer’s arrival is a spike in the number of people joining gyms. A lot of people feel under pressure to get fit at this time of year, but not so many worry about how their computer’s doing. Elena selected some light alternatives to popular, heavy software which should help your PC by taking up less space and consuming fewer system resources.

Tony Blair has just left office after more than 10 years as British Prime Minister. We thought that before he gets his next career underway, he might have some free time on his hands. We reckon that our list of Tony Blair’s timewasters would be enough to keep any former world leader occupied.

Finally, we took a closer look at one of the most popular programs on Softonic. Fruity Loops is a powerful music creation app which is used by amateurs and professionals alike. James found a comprehensive library of sound samples to expand and improve FL Studio even more.

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