Create your own family tree

No, this is not my family treeGenealogy is an exciting science that can get you really hooked on. Though it sounds complicated at first sight – starting by that long, tricky name – genealogy can in fact become a hobby, that is, if you count with the right tools.

Family Tree Pilot is one of those handy tools with which you can build your own family tree in no time. It’s quite a basic one, but it’s also a great tool to take your first steps into the genealogy science. The program features a simple, clear interface with several tabs for the different areas in your genealogical study: people, families, children and even a drawn tree where you can easily arrange family photos in order to get a visual overview of your ancestors.

To create your family tree, simply start adding people: grandparents, parents, children, siblings and so on. Then, mark their relationships by creating families and assigning children to them. All family members will automatically added to the tree in the last tab, where you can then organize them any way you like. The tree can be printed or saved as an image. Time to show off your lineage!

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