Create your own quizzes and exams

Question Mark logoWhether you’re a teacher, a pub quizmaster, or just want to create your own fun quiz to test your friends, software can help it look more professional and keep you organised. On Softonic, you can find software ranging from simple quiz creation applications to tools for making professional examinations.

One of the easiest is QuizFaber which allows you to create multimedia and HTML based quizzes without any prior programming knowledge. You can spice up your quizzes with pictures, sounds and even videos. The problem is it’s pretty basic in the types of responses it accepts in which case, you’d be better to use Qedok Quiz Maker. This is an altogether more professional product which accepts everything from multiple choice to descriptive responses and features a WYSIWYG interface so you know exactly how the quiz will look as you compose it. If you’re a lecturer or teacher, then you could use this program although PrimeExam is a better option, as it also offers tools for marking them professionally afterwards.

If you want to utilise the wonders of Flash in your quiz, and thus give it a touch of class, Tanida Quiz Builder is very easy to use and also a good option if you want to send it as a standalone file to friends as you can create an EXE file of the finished quiz. If all of these have proved too complicated, which I can’t imagine they have but maybe you’re in a hurry, then the simplest solution I’ve found is The Quiz Press. This is the simplest quiz creator out there allowing and I would imagine an excellent solution for pub quizmasters. You can formulate quizzes that can be published online or print them out for distribution amongst teams.

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