Create your own radio studio

Radiologik DJ screenshotEver fancied yourself as king of the airwaves? Radiologik DJ is an exciting program that allows you to run your very own radio station directly from your PC. It consists of two program queue players, one independent/voiceover player, and one library player. The players operate in the same way as they would in a radio station environment by overlapping at your command although there’s strangely no cross-fader. This means your cueing has to be spot-on otherwise you’ll end up with the biggest crime in broadcasting – dead air!

You can configure custom start and stop fades for each track played and you can search directly in iTunes from the interface. In fact, the integration with iTunes is superb with tracks imported instantly and searches lightening quick. You can even just drag and drop from it. However, the program seems to be heavily oriented towards iTunes users – perhaps too much – at the exclusion of other media players. This makes it great for DJ’ing at parties although it’s a rather complicated solution for that kind of thing.

The downside of Radiologik DJ is that it certainly takes some time to get used to. Like any real radio studio, it’s a complex affair and only advisable for those serious about radio broadcasting.

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