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Critical Windows bug was hidden for 19 years

Critical Windows bug was hidden for 19 years
Lewis Leong

Lewis Leong

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Microsoft released an emergency patch today to patch a critical vulnerability in its Windows operating system. The bug affects Windows version as far back as Windows 95. The bug, called WinShock, allowed hackers to remotely execute code on a machine to control it remotely. The attack exploited both the Windows operating system and the Internet Explorer browser.

IBM researchers first discovered the bug in May this year and worked with Microsoft to patch it before announcing it to the public. IBM said that the bug had been “hiding in plain sight,” which means we’ll never know if hackers were already exploiting the bug.

The update is rated extremely critical so update your system now. To do so, look for Windows Update and check for updates. You can find Windows Update in the Control Panel or by typing “Windows Update” in the Start Menu search bar.

This 19-year-old bug proves that software vulnerabilities can exist for a long time without anyone noticing. Take the Heartbleed bug for example, which left a majority of the world’s websites vulnerable.

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Source: BBC

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