Crossloop reveals new look and profile features

crossloop-logo.pngAs I wrote a while back, Crossloop is my favourite desktop sharing application. It’s enabled me to help my parents on several occasions fix problems on their PC even though I’m in another country. The good news is they’ve just made Crossloop even better with a professional new look and most importantly, personal account features which enable others to see how helpful you are and even allow you to advertise your own PC help services.

Creating an account is free and once this is done, you have a dynamic public profile page which you can update and others can rate. You can also view other things like your log-on history, time spent connected to Crossloop, users you have helped etc. The profile also allows you to tell others what aspects of software or PCs that you are particularly well versed in. You’re also given some code to place a Crossloop badge on your website indicating your latest rating. Fore more info, check the excellent tutorial below:


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