Currency conversions made easy

Dollar logoIf you’re reading this in the USA, then you’re probably cringing at the plummeting value of the dollar which today hit a new low against the Euro. At one stage today, it required $1.561 to buy €1 and there seems no end in sight to the depths that the once mighty currency is going to drop.

If you are in the USA, or you’ve got savings and investments in dollars, now might be the time to think about trading them in or at least converting to a different currency for a while. Rather than use online currency converters, it’s much quicker and easier to make conversions from your desktop. Currency Converter FX is a simple little app which sits on your desktop and is updated in real-time with the conversion rates of over 150 currencies. The same goes for Desktop Currency Converter which carries info for around 50 currencies but has a nicer interface and converts in real-time as you type – no conversion clicks needed.

If you need something a little more advanced, then Currency Server is a sophisticated solution for those who need to be updated in real-time on their desktop as to the latest conversion rates for world currencies. Meanwhile, if you work in industry and need to know how the latest market fluctuations are affecting the price of your goods, Raw Materials is designed especially for you, enabling conversions to be made per kilo, metre, square metre etc. Finally, if you use your own exchange rates for making conversions, then you can customise WorldCalc according to your needs for making quick and easy desktop conversions.

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