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Last month, when the new Facebook profile was still being rolled out, I wrote a Photoshop tutorial about how to set up a group of photos to create an eye-catching composition that takes advantage of the new design. Now, for those of you who are not that much into Photoshop, there are also a couple of web apps that can help you obtain the same result with no hassle. They’re PicScatter and FB Photo Magic.

PicScatter is very easy to use. Once you load the page on your web browser, click the Upload picture button on the top left side. Make sure it’s big enough (at least 700 pixels wide by 540 pixels high) so that it fits the Facebook profile.

Use the zoom slider at the bottom to adjust the photo’s size, and drag it around with your mouse to reposition it. The good thing about PicScatter is that you have a clear image of what the result will look like at all times.

Once you’re done, click the Download pictures link at the bottom to get a ZIP file with the cropped photos. The website will then display a window with instructions to upload your pictures manually to Facebook. I must say I had problems with this link – it didn’t work for me on Firefox, so I had to use Internet Explorer.

As for FB Photo Magic, it’s even easier to use, as the app can upload and tag the images automatically for you. Click on the Start button and upload your photo. In this case, the image must be at least 550 x 200 pixels. Once your photo is loaded on the website, it’ll be displayed with a template layered over it. The template represents the Facebook profile design, so the only thing you need to do is drag and resize it on your photo to adjust it and obtain a perfect fit.

The Preview button displays a sample Facebook profile with your photos – to check the final result before finishing – and the Save button gives you two options: either download the images to your hard drive and upload them to Facebook manually (like PicScatter) or let FB Photo Magic take care of it – for which you’ll have to let the app access your Facebook profile.

Either way, the result is an original Facebook profile that won’t go unnoticed among your Facebook contacts.

Elena Santos

Elena Santos

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