Customize Your Office 2007 Experience

Customize Your Office 2007 Experience

Office 2007 is loaded with great features, but its default settings can sometimes be best described as quirky. But that’s no problem, because changing the defaults and customizing the software for your needs isn’t hard at all.

Default to Save Somewhere Besides My Documents

For most users, My Documents is the best place to store newly created documents, but some users have different needs. You can tell Office 2007 to save wherever you like by opening Word and selecting the Save option, which is listed on the left side of the menu. The topmost section is headed Save Documents. Look at the last line of that section which is labeled Default File Location. There, enter the name of the folder where you would like to save to by default. When you’re done, click OK to save your changes. Alternately, you can use the Browse button to look around and choose which folder to default save to.

Change the Default File Extension from .docx to .doc

Windows defaults to .docx and this usually isn’t a problem until you go to share your file with someone else. Anyone with a version of Office older than 2007 won’t be able to open it without using a utility. But, you can change this without having to “Save As” and select .doc for each individual document. Make it the default by opening the window Word Options (the same one you used to save to another folder outside My Documents), and choose Save Options. There, under the listing Save Files in This Format, select Word 97-2003 (*.doc). Then hit OK to save your changes. From now on, Word will save in .doc instead of .docx and users of the older versions of Office can access your files conveniently.

Change the Default Font

Office 2007 uses the default of Normal-style Calibri in 11-point font. However, it comes loaded with tons of beautiful and interesting fonts and many users prefer the Times New Roman or Courier in 12-point font or some other font and size. To change this default setting, type in a bit of text into a new document. Select some (or all) of the text. Change the text to whatever font and size you prefer.

Now right-click on the Normal button and select Update Normal to Match Selection. This action resets what the Normal style is in this document to the setting you chose. Go to the View tab and click on the topmost half of the button marked Macros, which is at the far right-hand side. This brings up the Macros window. Select the button that says Organizer, which will then open the Organizer window. Select the Styles tab.

There will be two styles shown, one that is your current document and one for Normal. Choose the Normal style in your current document and then hit the Copy button. This brings up a message box that will ask if you would like to overwrite the Normal style in the template. Select Yes and you’re all set.

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