Why is Cyber Monday not as cool as it seems?

Why is Cyber Monday not as cool as it seems?



Black Friday seems as much of an American tradition as getting together with family and friends on Thanksgiving. Thursday, we sit around the table eating turkey and sharing what we are thankful for, and Friday, we run around like a headless chicken trying to find the best deals on Black Friday. So why do we need a Cyber Monday?

Since the pandemic, it feels like Black Friday started earlier and continues well into the holiday season. Amazon already started in October with an added Prime Day. But if you seemed to have missed the boat on Prime Day and Black Friday, don’t worry because you can still take advantage of Cyber Monday!

Find it Online

The days of waiting in line are long gone! Now, you can click on an app on your smartphone, and you have an entire online shop in the palm of your hand. There are, however, retailers that only have in-store deals, which gets some of the online shoppers out of the house, but it has to be incredible deals for them.

Shopping online has simplified our lives, but with the convenience, it opened doors for fraudsters to take advantage of some innocent shoppers looking for the following Black Friday deal. And with Cyber Monday that follows behind Black Friday, it’s another day to scam more shoppers on a deal shopping hype.

Why is Cyber Monday not as cool as it seems?

Cyber Monday is not such a Hype anymore

Black Friday has always been the hype for retailers to roll out the year-end sale to clear the stock room, but the tech stores rolled out Cyber Monday to get in on the action. Unfortunately, most retailers have decided to keep deals going from Black Friday throughout the weekend, ending with less excitement for Cyber Monday.

It means you will find great deals the entire weekend, making Cyber Monday a typical working day for most. But if you still want to get in on the action, you could consider the following:

Price Tracking

Whether you start shopping in October on Amazon’s Prime Day or Black Friday and throughout the weekend until Cyber Monday, it might be a good idea to stay up to date with prices. Ultimately you want to be sure you are getting the best deal or discount, don’t you?

Make a Shopping List

Yes, as you would make your usual monthly grocery list, you sit down when you are calm and thinking straight and make a list of what you want instead of just going crazy and becoming a shopping monster.

And if you want to stay safe online while you tick items from your shopping list as you are clicking away, then there are a few apps to ensure you have a positive shopping experience.

What’s the Difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Although everyone seems to think Cyber Monday is a digital thing, several deals on Black Friday, known as “doorbusters,” are only available for those brave enough to set foot in-store to grab those deals. These deals are advertised online, but to score on the excellent Samsung Curved 78-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV at the Amazon warehouse, you must show up! But even when Cyber Monday arrives, you might not find the same worthwhile deal.

But honestly, that could go both ways. Come Cyber Monday, you can find only the best deals online that you couldn’t get anywhere on Black Friday. Still, you are likely to find great shipping deals on Black Friday, where online shoppers can save when it comes to delivery.

Why is Cyber Monday not as cool as it seems?

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

So which day offers you the best deals? Black Friday has been around since 1869, encouraging retailers to end the year on a high note with solid profits. As online shopping has become a trend, Black Friday deals evolved into a shopping spree for many from as early as October.

And right on Black Friday’s heels is Cyber Monday, which in 2005 was founded by the National Retail Federation for online-only deals to help shoppers save time from standing in lines on a Black Friday.

It started with Black Fridays being an in-store discount shopping experience, whereas Cyber Monday focused on online shopping deals. However, with the expanding eCommerce stores to curb the shopping dilemma during the pandemic online shopping nowadays is the way of life for many. Therefore there is little difference between the two, just an extension of online and in-store deals for the entire week and weekend.

Is Cyber Monday in the past?

For years Cyber Monday was a hit for online shoppers, and the excitement was high for all those shoppers that missed out on the in-store Black Friday deals, but eCommerce killed it for retailers that scored on Cyber Mondays. So with more online discount deals starting earlier every year, is Cyber Monday even a thing anymore?

The answer is yes, according to various retail analysts.

According to D.A Davidson’s retail analyst Michael Baker “Cyber Monday has grown in importance, peaking last year because people were reluctant to go to stores.” 

It gained popularity with people returning to work on a Monday and using their high-performance office computers to find the best deals they missed on Black Friday. And this might shock some, but Cyber Monday is on the top 10 list of the busiest shopping days during the holiday season.

Success or Failure?

But if retail analysts think Cyber Monday is still a thing, why do we doubt it? Maybe it is because we don’t see the point of online sales being hyped up on Cyber Monday. We have enjoyed discounts on Prime Day during October, Lightning Deals in November, and Black Friday flash sales the entire weekend. 

So, what can Cyber Monday offer us more that we haven’t seen for almost two months?

Why is Cyber Monday not as cool as it seems?

It is what it is, I guess…

Whether I think it’s cool or not doesn’t matter because, at the end of the day, the numbers add up. So we can accept what the statistics show us, or we can just embrace an extra shopping day to spend more money we didn’t budget or max out our credit cards. 

But on a serious note, I hope you survive all the great deals, don’t overspend, and shop responsibly. Because let’s face it, none of us want to start the new year knee-high in debt. Happy holidays and may all the gifts you hope for end up under your Christmas tree this year!

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