From indie darlings to Oscar winners – The Daniels’ inspiring journey to Hollywood’s biggest stage

The Daniels beat Spielberg for best director of the year at Oscars

From indie darlings to Oscar winners – The Daniels’ inspiring journey to Hollywood’s biggest stage
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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The 2023 Oscars Ceremony has finally arrived. The movie party organized by the Hollywood Academy delights us, year after year, with iconic moments like Will Smith‘s famous slap last year. With his return, this time more peaceful, have come some of the Academy’s most eye-catching awards.

If there was a winning film this time around, it was undoubtedly Everything Everywhere All at Once. The film starring Michelle Yeoh has won some of the most important awards of the night, and among them the Daniels (Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) have lifted the award for best director.

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The Daniels surpass Spielberg

Although Steven Spielberg started out as the favorite for his excellent work in The Fabelman, his competitors for the award have managed to surpass him. The filmmakers of Everything Everywhere All at Once have outdone the director of Schindler’s List, and they have done it with a film so original that it has surprised the Academy in every possible way.


The Daniels have also won the award for Best Original Screenplay, so they have taken home two personal statuettes tonight. If we add to that that they have also won awards such as best editing and some of the best performances, it can be clearly said that this is a round film.

The Daniels’ speech was emotional. Like two little kids who don’t even know how they got there, they celebrated the victory by dedicating it to the people they love and to the entire artistic team behind the film.

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Juan Carlos Saloz

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