Dark first person puzzler Hellraid: The Escape coming to Android October 2nd

Hellraid: The Escape is an action adventure game for Android made in cooperation with Techland, the team who developed Call of Juarez and Dead Island games.

Made with the impressive Unreal Engine, Hellraid: The Escape mixes first person action and puzzle elements in a game that sees you trying to escape a hellish tower filled with monsters and dungeons designed to trap you. You play a prisoner who has no memory of his identity, but is searching for another who can apparently free you.

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Released for Android on October 2nd, Hellraid: The Escape will cost $2.99, but will get free updates and won’t have any in-app purchases or ‘pay to win’ elements.

As you can see in the trailer, Hellraid: The Escape is quite impressive. We checked out the iOS version, and found it to be suitably scary, and good looking if a little short.

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