The real Darth Vader lives in Ukraine: this is his life

The real Darth Vader lives in Ukraine: this is his life

Darth Vader isn’t just the name of Star Wars’ most infamous villain: it’s also the real name of a Ukranian citizen who just so happens to dress and act like the charismatic Sith himself.

Being such a Star Wars fan, Darth Mykolaiovych Vader (his complete name) decided to officially change his birth name for a name that would certainly make George Lucas proud.

But Darth doesn’t just boast the same name of the legendary bad guy – in fact his entire life revolves around Star Wars, so much so that he even put himself forward for his city’s mayoral elections (in his alter ego’s attire) along with the support of fellow enthusiasts of the galactic saga (also dressed appropriately). Although not elected as mayor, his party received 15 out of the total 42 votes….it wasn’t a bad start!

Valentyn Ogirenko, a journalist for Reuters has dedicated an extensive report to Darth Mykolaiovych Vader, which shows his daily life as a Sith. Here you can see all of the photos, but we’ll leave you with some of our favorites below.

Darth doesn’t neglect his daily chores!

Darth is a handy with his hands and is practically a professional when it comes to needlework.

He’s a big animal lover and the proud owner of a Golden Retriever.

Doing a bit of food shopping with his friends.

Darth is an exemplary citizen who cares deeply for the elderly.

At the end of a long day, Darth is known to relax and read a book in his bedroom.

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