Decorate your PC for Christmas

Elena Santos


Christmas is just around the corner, which means you’ve probably started decorating your home: a Christmas wreath on your door, the Christmas tree in the living-room, and Santa figures, candles and tinsel all over the house. And what about your PC? Computers are already a very important part of our lives, so they also deserve to be part of the celebration. Take note of these tips and decorate your PC for Christmas in a few easy steps!

Holiday Lights Windows 7 Theme – This is the official Windows 7 theme released by Microsoft to celebrate the Holiday season. It includes 17 gorgeous images and also adds a frosted effect to Windows. Though it doesn’t feature accompanying icons or screensavers, the beauty of the wallpapers makes up for it.

Windows 7 Christmas Theme – Another Windows 7 Christmas theme, though not officially released by Microsoft. This one includes eleven high-quality wallpapers, plus a set of system icons and mouse cursors. All you need to install it is double click the .theme file inside the ZIP.

Christmas Tree Collection – If you prefer to keep your current theme and just add a small Christmassy flavor to your computer, this is what you need: a collection of eight customizable desktop Christmas trees, with lights, snow effects and even presents under them!

Smashing Magazine wallpapers – For those of you who use desktop background images as their main decorative element, the Smashing website has released a set of 40 wallpapers for December, as part of their wallpaper calendar collection.  Check it out, many of them are inspired by Christmas.

Jubilee Screensaver – Even if you’re not very fond of Christmas, you probably like to see your streets decorated with lights. Now you can have exactly the same on your computer thanks to Jubilee, a screensaver that displays hundreds of Christmas lights in colorful, varied schemes.

Happy Holidays Screensaver – If you prefer more traditional Christmas-themed screensavers, this one will do the trick. It includes a collection of 50 typical Christmas images, which are displayed in a slideshow on the computer with Christmas carols as background music.

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