launches with Google Maps integration launches with Google Maps integration

There are a lot of great sites out there that help internet users find deals on services provided by local businesses. Groupon and LivingSocial are just two examples of sites that advertise daily deals and vacation getaways at discounted rates under certain conditions.

How do you keep track of what deals are being offered when around where you live? Newly launched hopes to give you a helping hand on the matter.

Founded by two former Google employees, integrates Google Maps into its interface to show you exactly where daily deals are located. Just choose a location nearest to you from the dropdown menu and begin to search. On the left side, you can specify exactly which types of deals you’d like to search for from a list of options such as Food & Drink, Activities & Events, Spa & Beauty and more. Whenever you find a deal that appeals to you, simply click on it and more information will appear on the right side of your screen. Clicking the “more details” button will redirect you to the actual website where you can purchase the deal.

Dee.lio is currently in its first beta version, but the potential is great for this new web app. Imagine being able to add a tool of this nature to your smartphone, for example. You’ll no longer need to have four or five apps for individual deal websites if all the deals are compiled in one place. Being able to specify what types of deals you’re interested in is also a huge plus. No more getting notifications about kids’ sports classes when you’re exclusively interested in discounts on massages, for one!

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