Delete, import and manage iPhone photos on Mac

Delete, import and manage iPhone photos on Mac

Image Capture is a little application in OS X that allows you to easily and quickly manage your iPhone or iPod’s camera roll.

Your iPhone photo library can quickly become enormous, and deleting unwanted pictures one-by-one soon becomes an unpleasantly laborious task you’ll simply ignore. You can import your images to iPhoto, and use that as a way of managing your images, but it’s still pretty unwieldy.

The quick solution for Mac users is Image Capture,  a little application hidden away in OS X that many users are unaware of. To find it, simply tap it into the search in Finder. Connect your iPhone, open Image Capture and you’ll be able to browse the photos on your iPhone.

From here it’s easy to import any you want, drag and drop them onto your desktop, and rotate them. Better still, you can select images in bulk and delete them! Image Capture is a faster and lighter way to manage your iPhone camera roll, without the hassle of iPhoto.

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