2.0 in the works 2.0 in the works

Del.icio.usTechcrunch has an exclusive preview of the new version of the famous social bookmarking service, I quite like the crisper look of the new interface, which will now be divided into four categories: Home, Bookmarks, People and Tags. With the new code rewrite a great deal of new features are being added like bulk editing, contextual search, and new sorting options. If you’re already a user, go ahead and sign up to the limited preview.

I’ve been using for two years now, and although I don’t visit it that frequently, I quite like using it to find what similar links people have bookmarked. I’ve also organized all my tags into bundles to make it easier to find links. If you have a Mac, you can also use a few different apps to extend your experience. The Dashboard widget displays all your tags in a cloud with more popular tags shown in bigger fonts. Pukka is another Mac app I quite like. It lets you post links to, add tags and a little description. Cocoalicious brings your bookmarks right onto your desktop. A similar application is Socialist, a mix between an RSS reader and a client for your desktop. You can also use Delibar, which I think works slightly better, as it shows all your bookmarks from the system bar. Last but not least, dead.licious is perfect to clean up your bookmarks of any dead links.

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