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homesplashcrop.jpgIn most cases, privacy and security are crucial to maintaining a business afloat. Making sure you have the right application on your PC can avoid you the risk of information theft. East-Tec Eraser caters to users by offering all the tools to fully erase files and information from your computer.

The application is fitted with 3 essential file cleaning features, directly accessible from the quick start menu: protecting your privacy, erasing deleted files, or erasing specific files. Choosing the first option will thoroughly check your PC and remove all existing registry entries and cookies. A detailed progress bar makes the process speed and time spent on the task visible. You can also decide to configure automation options such as if your PC should shut down or restart after it has been wiped clean.

If you choose to erase deleted files you can wipe your unused space and existing files and also scramble all file properties as an extra security precaution. East Tec offers up to 13 different file wiping methods, like German VSITR or AFSSI-5020, some of which are specific to normal drives and other methods which also work with compressed drives. The program also informs you of which methods stop software and hardware recovery tools. You will be able to set priority settings such as a password or permission settings.

Other important features appear as tabs at the top of the East Tec Eraser interface. You can recycle bin files, completely erase emails, wipe your entire drive or schedule regular cleaning procedures in a few clicks; however the application lacks a recovery feature to recuperate files you might have accidentally trashed.

East Tec Eraser is a very specific type of program that should satisfy any user who is worried about his privacy. If you want to make sure that confidential or unwanted information is fully erased from your PC, then East Tec Eraser is a professional and effective solution that should do the trick.

Cyril Roger

Cyril Roger

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