Deus Ex: The Fall comes to iOS, continues Human Revolution story

Deus Ex: The Fall comes to iOS, continues Human Revolution story

deus ex the fallIf you loved Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you’re going to want to check out Deus Ex: The Fall. The third-person action RPG comes to iOS devices this summer, featuring a storyline that augments that of Human Revolution.

Translating a shooter game to the touchscreen isn’t with complications. Controls are a challenge since there are no physical buttons so The Fall will feature simplified gameplay. For one, players can’t hide enemy bodies like they could in Human Revolution. Still, The Fall should be quite playable since you can use your thumbs as touchscreen joysticks. The developers have also added a tap-to-move feature if you don’t like the configuration of the virtual joysticks.

Shooting is a big mechanic in the game as well. Controls are simplified so you can tap on an enemy to lock on and tap another button to fire. This makes The Fall more about the strategies you employ in battle than accurate shooting, which was needed in Human Revolution.

deus ex the fall levels

The Fall still retains all of the RPG elements players love in the series so there are augmentations aplenty. Players will also have to choose whether to be stealthy or go in guns blazing. The cyberpunk city is still gorgeous and detailed, especially for a mobile game.

The game will sell for $6.99 in the iTunes Store and will feature in-app purchases. The app itself will be close to 1GB to download so make sure you have enough room on your device.

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