Did we just see our first glimpse of Mysterio in Far From Home?

Marvel is an airtight, vacuum-sealed box of secrets when it comes to storing surprises for its next big blockbuster films. That’s why we were so surprised (not to mention excited) to see a grainy bootleg of a scene from the upcoming “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” We’re being generous with the word ‘upcoming;’ this one’s not going to be in theaters until next July with still no word as to when we’ll be graced with a trailer.

Spider-Man Far From Home poster

While the bad news is we still have no clue what the film’s plot holds, the good news is that among the details that slipped through the net was a pretty telling look at who’s likely to be the movie’s starring villain: Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. While Gyllenhaal playing the infamous illusionist is not piping hot news, we had no idea what kind of interpretation and/or face-lift the Marvel Cinematic Universe would give the popular (if not a little campy) character ….

From what little we were treated to in the leaked footage, we were lucky to get some fairly close looks at Mysterio and we’ve gotta say we’re pretty hyped. Check it out!

The footage was taken from what’s reportedly the ‘final scene’ of the film, presumably where Mysterio and Spider-Man face off in their final confrontation. That would explain why Mysterio is without his trademark fishbowl helmet – perhaps it got knocked off during their tussle or dramatically removed for some plot angle. Either way, though Gyllenhaal has not confirmed that he’ll be playing the famous villain it sure does look like him in the costume!

While numerous members from Spidey’s rogues gallery have been seen on the big screen before (Doc Ock, Venom twice, Sandman, Green Goblin three times), Mysterio has not been among them. Typically considered more of a laughable side note next to Goblin or Venom, Mysterio is much more of a video game villain.

Having a comic relief character as the main antagonist is decidedly dissimilar to the MCU formula, and that leads us to believe the Mysterio we’ll be seeing in Far From Home will be another gritty reboot of the character. Check out this swagger of a walk and you’ll start to believe us:

Yeah, that’s a pretty confident bad guy walk. Following the typical success formula, the sequel film of a super hero’s story arc is the more introspective, personal chapter. Mysterio would be a great candidate for this role, preying upon Peter Parker’s fears, insecurities, and mistakes with powerful hallucinogens, chemical vapors, and barrages of nasty illusions.

Mysterio's illusion prey upon Peter Parker more than Spider-Man

Coming straight from the knock-down, drag-out fight with Thanos that we saw Spider-Man get tangled up with in “Infinity War,” it would be a wise change of pace to turn his generally cheerful character down a path where he’s forced to grow up quickly – much like Tony Stark or Thor in their respective features.

Expect Spider-Man to be taken through personal hardships in Far From Home

We’re really happy to see what the MCU is doing with Mysterio so far; that costume looks perfect! With luck, this will shape up to be another hit out of the park for Marvel! We’re anxious to get more details, but until we do we’ll munch on whatever scraps fall off the Marvel table.

Until the full course, stay tuned with us for more info!

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