Did You Know That Baidu Browser is Also Available for Android

Did You Know That Baidu Browser is Also Available for Android

Baidu Browser is great on desktop, but did you know you can also use it for your Android device? Baidu Browser for Android includes many features that come with the desktop version, but it also includes some mobile-specific features. If you love Baidu Browser for desktop, take a look at what you get with the mobile version:

Your Own Personal Homepage

Baidu Browser for Android offers you the ability to customize your very own homepage, allowing you to set things up how you would like. Aside from adding and editing bookmarks, you can also create shortcuts on your homepage for faster browsing. Your homepage also sports a search bar at the top for easy searching of the web, and you can receive an update on the latest weather conditions in your local area.

Discovery Section

You can also take advantage of Baidu Browser’s Discovery section. Here, you can receive updates about the latest in news, music, media, and more. You can also set this section up to deliver notifications when new stories become available, meaning you don’t have to keep checking the Discovery section to stay up to date.

Search By Voice

One convenient feature offered in Baidu Browser for Android is that you can search via voice or by scanning a QR code. A QR code is a black and white square that, when scanned using Baidu Browser, will take you to a specific website. Voice search is obviously a powerful feature, especially when you aren’t able to use your fingers to type out your query. Combined, these two search features can help you get where you want to go faster.

Customizable Display

For people who have difficulty with their vision, Baidu Browser for Android allows you to change the font size by pinching the screen. This is a big help when you visit a webpage that has very small font sizes. In addition, you can also enable night mode when using Baidu Browser for Android in dark spaces. This feature dims the background on webpages that feature large amounts of white space, and at the same time, it changes dark fonts into lighter ones. This prevents eye strain when using your Android device at night.

Floating Widget

Finally, you can use a floating widget on your home screen to have quick access to pages in Baidu Browser for Android. This widget sits on top of the home screen and functions like a wheel that contains the different pages you visit the most. This helps you to navigate more quickly and efficiently and reduces the need to manually navigate to different pages.

To learn more about the desktop version, see this video: How Does Baidu Browser Work?


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