Digg for iOS updates with Digg Reader support

Lewis Leong


Digg Reader is still rolling out to a select number of users right now but you can get early access with the Digg for iOS. The app received an update today that brought Digg Reader support, letting you easily import your Google Reader feeds. You’d better do it soon before Google Reader’s closure on July 1st.

Digg for iOS works well and provides a simple, clean interface for reading your stories. The experience is similar to the popular Flipboard app, except with more traditional two-pane layout. Tap on a story and it’ll open up, filling the entire screen. Ads and page elements will be stripped away, leaving you with photos and text for easier reading. Of course some feeds only show a portion of the story so you’ll have click through to the main site, which opens within the app itself.

Digg for iOS updates with Digg Reader support

The company stresses that Digg Reader is still very much in beta, since development of the application only started 3 months ago. More features will be included in the future and an Android app is coming “before end of July.”

[Source: Digg | Download: iTunes]

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