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Digg’s Google Reader replacement previewed, coming next week

Digg’s Google Reader replacement previewed, coming next week

digg reader previewWhen Google announced that it was shutting down Google Reader, companies like Feedly and Digg stepped up to replace it. Feedly has had a head start, generating partnerships with third-party RSS feed readers but Digg hopes to release its Google Reader replacement, Digg Reader,  right before the July 1st deadline.

Digg previewed its new reader in a blog post today, showing off a minimalistic looking interface for its web reader. The interface definitely focuses on the content, with a list of feeds in a column on the left. The company also promises to make transitioning from Google Reader as painless as possible. Next week’s release will see mobile apps that sync with the web to provide a seamless experience from mobile to web. Other features will include sharing, subscribing, and saving/organizing articles.

Digg Reader will launch on June 26th, with priority given to the first 17,000 users who provided Digg with feedback and feature requests. Everyone one else will be able to sign up for access on the 26th.

[Source: Digg]

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